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This article will examine the average Front-End Salary ranges in various states and compare them to other related jobs.

By the end of the article, you will better understand the factors that go into determining a Front-End Developer’s wage and some ideas for how to increase your earnings in this field.

This article will look at the following and more:

Front-End Developer Salary – Overview
Factors Affecting Front-End Developer Salary
Salary by State
Salary Comparison to Related Jobs
How to Increase Front-End Developer Salary

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Front-End Developer Salary – Overview

Various sources aggregate salaries and report that the average salary for a Front-End Developer in the United States is $97,927, ranging from $77,143 to $117,656.

The average Front-End Salary ranges in various states

The data used by salary aggregate websites often come from users who remain anonymous when providing the information.

There is a possibility that certain websites have received a greater quantity of data relating to higher or lower salaries than the average, which may affect the site’s computed average.

Factors Affecting Front-End Developer Salary

Your starting wage as a Front-End Developer will be determined by factors such as your years of experience, skill set, location, and the firm for which you work.

In most cases, gaining more experience will result in a higher starting salary.

You can expect your salary as a Front-End Developer to increase proportionately with the years you have spent working in this field.


Your wage should be adjusted to reflect that you have gained more experience over time.

Not only will you have more information under your belt, but you will also be able to migrate into a senior Front-End Developer and lead development responsibilities.

You could even be a mentor to Front-End Developers starting in their careers.


As a Front-End Developer, your potential salary may also be affected by the location in which you work.

Working in a major metropolitan region is typically correlated with a higher wage and cost of living because large metropolitan areas have a higher overall cost.

San Francisco (Software Developers’ haven), pays its Front-End Developers 37 percent more than the national average, with Washington, DC, and New York City coming in second and third, respectively (15 percent and 13 percent, respectively).

Salary by State

Front-End Developers can earn varying sums of money depending on where they work.

Regions with greater living expenses frequently also have higher salaries, though this is not always the case.

The population of the area where they practice, for example, can impact the overall amount of money they make.


Hourly Pay

Weekly Pay

Monthly Pay

Yearly Salary






New York















New Hampshire



































New Jersey

























Rhode Island

























West Virginia















North Dakota








































South Dakota















South Carolina










New Mexico




























































North Carolina





Front-End Developer Salary varies by state

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the following list some of the nation’s most important cities and the average wage for a Front-End Developer.


Hourly Wage

Weekly Pay

Monthly Pay

Annual Salary

Green River, WY





Santa Clara, CA





Mountain View, CA





San Francisco, CA





Washington, DC





Fremont, CA





Los Angeles, CA





Jersey City, NJ





San Jose, CA





Germantown, MD





Salary by experience

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics and the National Compensation Survey, the following is a breakdown of how work experience might affect a Front-End Developer’s compensation.


Avg Pay



Early career


Mid career




Late career


Salary Comparison to Related Jobs

Front-End Developers still make a respectable amount of money, especially when compared to the salaries of those working in other online and computer disciplines.

When compared to other computer disciplines, the Front-End Developer's salary is higher

The following table shows several related specialties and the typical revenue associated with each of these specialties:

Job Title

Average BaseSalary

Backend Developer


Full Stack Developer


Web Developer


Software Engineer


UX Designer


UI Designer


Graphic Designer


Product Manager


Senior Frontend Engineer


Front-End Developer Jobs Outlook

There is a continuing and significant need for competent and experienced Front-End Developers.

Due to the oversaturation of the employment market and the industry’s evolution over the last decade, many people have the misconception that they are not.

On the other hand, there are a lot of job advertisements, rising earnings, and trends that provide an alternative viewpoint.

In addition, if you look at worldwide Google trends from December 2011, you will discover that the number of people searching for “Front-End Developers” has increased by approximately 300 percent over the past ten years.

How to Increase Front-End Developer Salary

Several different things determine the typical income of a Front-End Software Engineer.

Here are some ideas that, if implemented, will help you increase your potential earnings.

English Fluency

Since most web programming documentation is written in English, it shouldn’t be challenging for a Developer.

In addition, a fairly solid grasp of this language is required to search for an answer on Stack Overflow or a site comparable to it.

Conversely, even if you are skilled at reading and comprehending the meaning semantically, you might still need to concentrate on improving your ability to carry on a conversation.

It is becoming increasingly typical for Developers to take part in business conversations with customers or be required to discuss the project with the customer’s development team, which is frequently composed of members from other countries.

A communication level that is either native-like or, at the very least, above a communicative level is reasonable.

Web App Design Experience

It is advantageous to work directly with customers, whether a software company, a startup employs one, or works independently as a Freelancer.

In general, programming knowledge and understanding how to utilize tools are very different from applying those talents to a commercial endeavor.

Building high-quality apps for customers is a challenging endeavor that requires a wide range of soft skills.

Such skills include:

  • Effective communication
  • The ability to collaborate effectively with others
  • The fortitude to complete tasks within strict time constraints or while feeling the effects of intense pressure

Let’s cut to the chase: the most effective approach to learning something is putting that knowledge into practice.

Learn some Back-end Technologies

Knowing backend technologies and frameworks, and how they should match up with your lines of code or impact is highly helpful, especially if you work in a software house and communicate with multiple teams on one project.

Naturally, if you are a Front-End Developer or a fan of CSS, Angular, HTML, or JavaScript, you are working on the client’s side while the backend is concentrating on the server-side scripting; yet, in the end, both sides contribute to the creation of the final product.


If you are willing to make considerable changes to your lifestyle to improve your financial status, you should consider moving to one of these high-paying places.


The certification procedure is an additional endorsement of a Web Developer’s talents by evaluating candidates’ expertise in their respective fields of specialization; this may be an added benefit of the certification process.

More certificates will allow you to negotiate a higher wage

More certificates will allow you to negotiate a higher wage and access additional work options.


In the coming years, the number of job possibilities open to this career path will increase.

As a direct consequence, it is anticipated that the earnings potential of Front-End Developers will dramatically increase over the coming years.




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