Cybersecurity Engineer Salary: How to Earn More in 2023


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This article will explore the factors that affect Cybersecurity Engineers’ Salaries and how to improve earnings.

Reading through this write-up, you will know the average salary of a Cybersecurity Engineer by state, the top-paying cities, and the comparative salaries of related jobs.

This write-up will examine the following:

Cybersecurity Engineer Salary – Overview
Factors Affecting Cybersecurity Engineer Salary
Salary by State
Salary Comparison to Related Jobs
How to Increase a Cybersecurity Engineer’s Salary

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Cybersecurity Engineer Salary – Overview

A Cybersecurity Engineer’s Salary can range anywhere from $86,455 to $138,822 per year in the United States, based on their experience level, location, talents, and other criteria.

The pay of a Cybersecurity Engineer in the United States can range anywhere from $86,455 to $138,822, with an average salary of $112,854, as indicated by several websites that compile information regarding salaries.

A Cybersecurity Engineer's Salary can range anywhere from $86,455 to $138,822 per year in the United States, based on their experience level, location, talents, and other criteria

The following is a listing of the starting salary for Cybersecurity Engineers as of July 2022:

  • – $138,822
  • Payscale – $97,766
  • ZipRecruiter – $120,740
  • Glassdoor – $120,486
  • Indeed – $86,455

Websites that aggregate salaries often rely on data submitted anonymously by people using their platform.

There is a possibility that certain websites have received a greater quantity of data relating to incomes that are either higher or lower than the average.

The data received may impact the average that the website calculates.

Factors Affecting Cybersecurity Engineer Salary

A Cybersecurity Engineer’s income is influenced by various factors, such as their level of education, years of experience, and the location of their place of employment.


The salary potential of Cybersecurity Engineers also varies depending on where they work.

Because of the greater general cost of living that characterizes large metropolitan locations, it stands to reason that wages and living expenses for those who choose to find gainful employment there will also be higher.

According to the BLS, the following table shows some large cities and the average annual income for a Cybersecurity Engineer in each of those places.


Average Base Salary

San Francisco, CA


Washington DC, DC


Denver, CO


Baltimore, MD


Seattle, WA


Las Vegas, NV


New Orleans, LA


Milwaukee, WI


Birmingham, AL


Nashville, TN


Work Experience

Increasing your years of experience can typically result in a higher salary.

In general, the more years of experience one has worked in the field of Cybersecurity Engineering; the higher one can anticipate their earnings.

According to BLS and the National Compensation Survey, your years of experience determine the amount of money you make as a Cybersecurity Engineer.


Average Salary



Early career






Late career


Salary by State

There are six states in which the average income for a job as a Cybersecurity Engineer is greater than the average salary across the country.

New Jersey is at the top of the list, followed closely by Massachusetts and Hawaii in second and third place, respectively.

The state of Hawaii is ahead of the national average by 1.9 percent, while New Jersey continues this trend by contributing an additional $7,746 (6.4 percent) above the national average of $120,198.

Your state of residence is one factor that can affect your Cybersecurity Engineer's Salary

Because there are just a few states that pay salaries significantly higher than the national average, relocating to a new area to pursue a career as a Cybersecurity Engineer is a decision to consider with some degree of circumspection.

It would help if you considered expenses related to maintaining your standard of living.

The table below shows the average hourly, weekly, monthly, and annual base salary by state.


Hourly Wage

Weekly Pay

Monthly Pay

Annual Salary

New Jersey








































New York





Rhode Island




















North Dakota















New Hampshire















New Mexico










South Dakota


















































South Carolina













































West Virginia








































North Carolina










Salary Comparison to Related Jobs

The following table compares the pay for several positions with similar responsibilities to that of a Cybersecurity Engineer;

Related Job Titles

Average Salary

Information Security Analyst


Security Engineer


Cyber Security Analyst


Network Engineer


Systems Administrator


Network Administrator


IT Security Specialist


Security Architect


Security Consultant


Information Systems Security Engineer


Cisco Network Security Engineer


Application Security Engineer


How to Increase Cybersecurity Engineer Salary

Once you know what you might make as a Cybersecurity Engineer, you can use the following advice to maximize your earnings.

Build up your capabilities

If you want to increase your chances of being hired for higher-paying positions and promotions, you should hone skills that are in high demand.

These abilities include things like;

Ethical Hacking

Carry out simulated assaults so that you may locate weaknesses in the security.

Risk Assessment

Conduct a thorough investigation of an organization’s records and computer networks to spot vulnerabilities and potential issues.

Security Architecture

Develop and practice security measures to safeguard systems and data.

Incidence Response

Create plans for responding to security breaches and put those preparations into action.

Compliance: Ensure that the security procedures of a business are in line with industry and regulatory standards.

More Responsibilities

As a Cybersecurity Engineer, additional tasks are one strategy you can employ to raise your compensation.

More responsibilities could require leading a team of Engineers, implementing new security measures, or managing a budget, among other things.

You may demonstrate that you are an asset to the firm and worth more money by taking on additional responsibilities; this will help you earn a higher salary.


Maintaining constant awareness of the most recent risks and breaches is important.

It is essential to make it a habit to solicit feedback regularly from your manager or supervisor.

Building up your capabilities is one way to increase your Cybersecurity Engineer Salary

It will help guarantee that you make the most meaningful contributions possible to improve your workplace Cybersecurity and that you are on track.


The number of available Cybersecurity Engineer jobs continues to fall as demand continues to skyrocket.

Simply put, the demand for trained and skilled Cybersecurity workers is expanding faster than the supply can keep up with it.

In addition, Cybersecurity Engineers (or Information Security Engineers) are some of the most in-demand professionals in the industry.

A career in Cybersecurity is highly rewarding when one considers the number of jobs in the field and the consistent cyber-attacks and cybercrimes that occur daily.

Risks associated with remote work, an increase in malware, and other factors have contributed to the rise in demand for individuals skilled in cyber security.





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