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Cybersecurity Analyst Salary Outlook
Factors That Influence Cybersecurity Analyst Salary
Salary by State 
Salary by Qualification
Salary by Experience
Salary by Job Titles

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Cybersecurity Analyst – A Lucrative Career

Information Technology or the IT industry is expanding every minute.

Especially after the Covid-19 pandemic, when businesses shut down and mankind was in lockdown – people transitioned to the online world.

As the internet gets flooded with information, it is crucial to protect it.

For instance, you have a successful online presence, but one day you wake up to the news that your website was hacked.

A Cybersecurity Analyst is a qualified and fully-trained professional who works and specializes in a computer system's network and infrastructure security

You can go bankrupt in seconds if not for Cybersecurity.

From 2013 until 2022, the demand for Cybersecurity Analysts, mostly unfilled positions, has grown by 350%.

And the employment rate is just going to increase in the coming decades.

What is a Cybersecurity Analyst?

A Cybersecurity or Information Security Analyst is a qualified and fully-trained professional who works and specializes in a computer system’s network and infrastructure security.

They understand, anticipate and protect the hardware, software, and all other networks from malware, cyberattacks, and any sketchy behavior of cybercriminals. 

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, BLS, the median or average salary for a Cybersecurity Analyst is $99,539 annually.

The national average annual income for a Cybersecurity Analyst Salary ranges from as high as $145,000 to as high as $40,500

However, the national average annual income for a Cybersecurity Analyst Salary ranges from as high as $145,000 to as high as $40,500, depending on factors such as the state you reside in, years of experience, and your education/qualifications.

Here is a breakdown based on percentile, so once you know all the factors that influence your earning potential as a Cybersecurity Analyst, you can grow the digits on your paycheck in no time.


Cybersecurity Analyst Salary (Per Year)

10th percentile


25th percentile


50th percentile


75th percentile


90th percentile


Let us explore all the factors that can impact your pay scale to help you make it to the list of top earners 90th or even the 100th percentile.

Factors That Influence Cybersecurity Analyst Salary

People with the same job titles seldom earn the same amount.

The median salary is never a constant figure.

It changes every year – even every month.

Your location – The US State and City You Reside in

  • Your way and place of living greatly influence your salary
  • Your annual payout will look good if you live in a state with more employment opportunities and affordable cost of living, food, and transportation
Your location is one of the factors that influence Cybersecurity Analyst Salary

Similarly, you can expect a lower income if you live in an expensive state or city with high saturation in your professional field.

Education level – Your Qualifications and Certifications

  • Recruiters or Managers hire properly trained and qualified individuals for the Cybersecurity Analyst Jobs
  • Even for an entry-level position, it is essential to have a Bachelor’s degree in information systems

Years of Professional Experience

  • Handling Cybercrimes and maintaining network security requires expertise and skills
  • The more experience you have, the better your chances of survival in the job market

Although you are a beginner with zero experience, you can still get a good-paying job in IT security if you have the desired skill set.

 Let us consider each factor and help you make an informed decision about your career path.

State-Wise Cybersecurity Analyst Salary

 The US is a greatly advancing country, especially in technology systems security.

There are 50 states, each with its benefits and in-demand skills.

California is one of the top five states in the US that pay the highest average Cybersecurity Analyst Salary

Here are the top five states in the US that pay the highest average Cybersecurity Analyst Salaries.


$125,990 annually.

California has an expansive Information Systems industry, one of the biggest and most great-to-live-in states in the US.

As a result, cities like San Francisco, San Jose, and Los Angeles pay the highest salary to their Cybersecurity professionals to keep security breaches and cyber threats at bay.

New York

$125,920 annually.

The US, New York sharing capital welcomes professionals from all areas of interest.

However, even though it is an extremely progressive state with a great salary outlook, it is very expensive to live in.

And if you are just a beginner, it can become hard to survive.

So, if you plan to relocate to NY, gain experience in the relevant industry.

District of Columbia

$119,460 annually.

Now known as Washington, DC – the District of Columbia is the capital of the US and an IT hub.

DC offers a great career outlook for Computer Science geeks to save the systems from cyber vulnerabilities in the entire nation.


$116,920 annually.

With scenic mountains and sharing the Atlantic coastline, Virginia is a great state to live in.

It offers excellent incentives along with a high-paying salary for Information Security Analysts.

Here is an overview of average Cybersecurity Analyst Salaries, from the high-paying to the low-paying states – after the top five.

States in the US

Average Annual Salary

















North Dakota






West Virginia




Rhode Island






New Hampshire






North Carolina


































South Carolina






New Mexico
















Level of Eduction-Wise Cybersecurity Analyst Salary

To enter the Cybersecurity Career, you must at least graduate from a well-renowned Bachelor’s degree program in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance and complete your internship.

Your level of education is one of the factors that influence your Cybersecurity Analyst's Salary

Moving further into your career, you can always earn and specialize in certain areas by taking relevant certifications or Master’s degree programs.

Level of Education (Entry-Level)

Average Annual  Salary

No Diploma

$60,618- $65,629

High School Diploma or Technical Certification

$62,200- $65, 629

Associate’s Degree

$62,904- $66332

Bachelor’s Degree

$63,817- $67,715

Master’s Degree


Ph.D. (JD, MD)


These are the entry-level job salaries with the level of education.

As you keep on adding the experience, the numbers increase exponentially.

Certification-Wise Cybersecurity Salary

You can have a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree.

Adding on more certifications will only benefit you.

Here are some high-paying Information Systems certifications that can make your future brighter;

  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) – $151,853 per year
  • Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) – $149,246 per year
  • Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) – $134,460 per year
  • Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control – $151,995 per year

Years of Experience-Wise Cybersecurity Analyst Salary

Consider yourself as an employer.

Who will you pay more?

An entry-level Cybersecurity Analyst or an expert with years of experience and training up their sleeves?

Your years of experience is one of the factors that influence your Cybersecurity Analyst's Salary

Of course, high-end tech industries always prefer senior personnel but cannot survive without young talent.

You can always look for the requirements in the job description to understand your annual income.

Year of Experience

Average Annual Salary











Cybersecurity Salary by Job Titles

It is not necessary that you only work as an Analyst in Information Systems.

With appropriate qualifications and skills, you can consider the following:  

Job Title

Base Salary(Annual Income)

Information Security Analyst


IT Auditor


Penetration Tester


Cybersecurity (Software) Engineer


Security Systems Administrator


Ethical Hacker


Cybersecurity Manager


When considering any field in Cybersecurity, it is essential to assess the job outlook so that you will not regret your decision.


We are living in a digitized world, where everything is functioning online.

Therefore, building strong firewalls, evading cyber threats, and creating mindful problem-solving solutions for cyber attacks is essential to keep internet and intranet systems functioning.

Cuber Security Analysts are highly in-demand.

The best part is you can work from home if an opportunity arises.

An annual base salary for a Cybersecurity Analyst ranges from $40,500 to $145,000 – so it depends on how much you want to make.

So, if you want to build a lucrative and financially rewarding career and curb your passionate tech cravings – now is the time!




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