Back-End Developer Salary – What is The Pay Like in 2023?


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Back-End Developer Salary – Overview
Factors Affecting Back-End Developer Salary
Back-End Developer Salary by State
Back-End Developer Salary Comparison to Related Jobs

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Back-End Developer Salary – Overview

In the United States, the annual salary of a Back-End Developer comes out to an average of $102,750 per year.

A Back-End Developer’s average pay range varies substantially (up to $39,500), showing that there may be numerous prospects for progression and increased income, depending on skill level, location, and years of experience.

Back-End Developer Salary in the U.S comes out to an average of $102,750 per year

There are several states where the average compensation for a Back-End Developer position is higher than the national average.

The state of Montana is at the top of the list, followed by the states of Arizona and Wyoming in relatively close order.

Wyoming is ahead of the national average by 5.4 percent, while Montana continues this trend by $7,356 (7.2 percent) ahead of the national average of $102,750.

Consequently, the wages in these states are, on average, higher than the national average.

The potential for a Back-End Developer to improve their economic standing by moving to a new state appears to be exceptionally promising.

Factors Affecting Back-End Developer Salary

Your beginning salary as a Back-End Developer will be influenced by several things, including the firm for which you work, the number of years of experience you have, the skill sets you have, and, more often than not, your location.

Increasing one’s experience level will, almost always, lead to an increase in one’s starting wage.

As a Back-End Developer, you may anticipate that the amount of money you make will increase in direct proportion to the years you have spent working in this industry.

Experience Level

It is not unusual for a Developer’s salary to change depending on their experience level and the type of employment position they seek, so this should not come as a surprise.

An entry-level Back-End Developer can expect an average annual base pay of approximately $85,547.


 Location is another crucial factor that plays a role in determining the salary of Back-End Developers.

Your potential pay as a Back-End Developer may be affected, to some degree, by the location of the company where you work.

Working in a major urban location is often associated with higher pay and cost of living because major municipal areas typically have a higher overall cost.


The amount of money Software Developers anticipate receiving from their employers is sometimes heavily influenced by the job they play and the programming language in which they specialize.

Some technologies will be in higher demand than others, resulting in higher salaries for their Developers.

Back-End Developer Salary by State

Depending on their place of employment, Developers might make a range of salaries.

Though this is not always the case, areas with higher living costs typically also have higher earnings.

For instance, the population of the area where they work may affect their overall income.

Back-End Developer Salary varies by State

The table below illustrates the average salary of a Back-End Developer by state:


Hourly Wage

Weekly Pay

Monthly Pay

Annual Salary
















New Jersey








































New York










Rhode Island















North Dakota

























New Hampshire






























New Mexico















South Dakota




















South Carolina








































West Virginia



































North Carolina





Back-End Developers are compensated competitively compared to other positions in similar fields

The table below shows the top-paying cities:


Hourly Wage

Weekly Pay

Monthly Pay

Annual Salary

San Jose, CA





Oakland, CA





Hayward, CA





Seattle, WA





Wasilla, AK





Concord, CA





Sunnyvale, CA





Barnstable Town, MA





Seaside, CA





Antioch, CA





Salary Comparison to Related Jobs

Back-End Developers are compensated competitively compared to other positions in similar fields.

The following table lists some related specialties and the average revenue for each:

Job Title

Average Base Salary

Backend Developer


Full Stack Developer


Web Developer


Software Engineer


UX Designer


UI Designer


Graphic Designer


Product Manager


Senior Back-End Engineer


Back-End Developer Jobs Outlook

Regarding career opportunities, the market for Back-End Web Developers is highly competitive.

Nonetheless, you may take comfort in the fact that there will always be a need for Back-End Web Developers, so long as your talents are top-notch.

According to projections made by the BLS, job openings in this sector will grow by 13% between 2020 and 2030.

How to Increase Back-End Developer Salary

Several distinct factors determine the average annual salary of a Back-End Software Engineer:

Gain more relevant experience

Having years of relevant experience demonstrates that you know how to master a base skill and extend it as technology advances, which is valuable to employers or people who are employing Freelancers.

The expertise you gain from working as a Freelancer on relevant assignments also benefits your development.

If you have more relevant experience in the job, you’ll have a better chance of getting paid more.


If people know they can rely on you to perform, they will be more likely to pay you a greater salary or a higher hourly rate.

Technical Skills

 The more you can educate yourself, the more leverage you will have in work negotiations and the more clients you will be able to take on as a Freelancer.

Some talents, such as database management and API development, Frameworks, Node.js, and programming languages like Python, Javascript, PHP, and Java, are more important to many businesses than others.

Adding Front-End Developer programming languages and tools may come in handy if you want to become a Full-Stack Developer

Soft Skills

Your mentality, your capacity for teamwork, and your business savvy are all factors that may influence your earning power.

Companies require talented developers, but they also want competent personnel to assist them in accomplishing their business objectives.

Monetize your skills

If you are skilled in Software Development, you can consider sharing your knowledge with others by instructing people in coding boot camps or creating your own paid online course.

Ensure that you have a clear understanding of the outcomes that a student receives from your courses since this is what will produce value and money for your business.

As a Recruiter, you should be familiar with the Back-End Developer Salary; this will allow you to offer competitive pay

Share your knowledge and expertise on YouTube if you enjoy instructing others but are hesitant to create your course.

You can generate revenue from your audience through advertisements, corporate sponsorships, or affiliate sales if you build up a sizable following.


Back-End Developers are accountable for ensuring that everything operates well “behind the scenes.”

Because of this, businesses must search for the most qualified candidates in the industry.

As it can be seen, a variety of elements have the potential to influence the salary, and as a result, the cost of employing a Developer can vary quite a little.

Make sure you are familiar with these aspects and the typical Developer salaries in the United States before beginning the recruitment process; this will allow you to offer competitive pay and attract the top Developers to work for your company.




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